Terms of Service Disclosure:
The Lead Jerk does not estimate or guarantee specific sales volume resulting from the agent’s use of  The Lead Jerk leads. Results will vary based upon such things as the area code(s) and/or counties selected by the agent, the true interest of those requesting information and the agent’s sales ability. The Lead Jerk does not guarantee all leads will originate in the territory requested.  This list is not exhaustive and, therefore, all purchases of  The Lead Jerk Leads are accepted by the agent(s) as final and without refund. Leads outside a requested area but within driving distance are not replaceable. We replace leads that are under the age of 50 and over the age of 85. All leads are exclusive and never shared with another agent. Your purchase validates this agreement.

NOTICE:  All data including names, addresses, phone numbers and recordings of any data or leads located in your lead portal located at https://leadjerkportal.com/crm/login/index.php will be removed and deleted within 3 months from the date originally added.  We advise any agent, agency or IMO to download their lead data into an excel spreadsheet or google file sheets if you want to access the data in the future beyond the scheduled server maintenance and depolyment of deletion.  If it has been at least 3 months since an agent, agency or IMO has ordered any leads your account and login credentials will be deleted and deactivated.  You will automatically be sent a new login for any new orders.


Lead Replacement Policy:

*  Leads over the age of 85

*  Non English speaking

*  Duplicate Leads generated within 60 days of call list data reset

*  All lead credit / replacement requests must be submitted within 72 hours of receiving the lead – No exceptions


In order to make our leads exclusive we put all of our leads on our internal do not call list before we send them to you. 

It is our position that every 60 days we must flush our internal Do Not Call List so that other customers who may order have an equal opportunity at producing leads.


The best thing to do is to come up with multiple calling areas and rotate them.

In doing this you will be able to produce leads quicker and avoid unwanted duplicate responses. Unfortunately, there are two types of people….. those that respond to telemarketing and those who don’t. If you call a person who does respond chances are they will respond again if called again.


PLEASE NOTE THE CALL LIST RESET DATES BELOW and make sure you change your calling area so that you avoid getting duplicates as it will be just like calling an area for the first time.

These duplicates (if any) will not be replaced or refunded.

Here is the schedule for flushing our internal no call list.

Call List Data Reset Dates

January 1st

March 1st

May 1st

July 1st

September 1st

November 1st


You agree to purchase leads in line with the guidelines here. A lead will contain information that has been provided by a person as well as certain lead contact information as available, unless otherwise agreed by you and us in writing, such as: (a) first and last name, (b) phone number, (c) email address, and (d) mailing address. The Lead Jerk doesn’t guarantee the quality or adequacy of the leads that offered to you.

You’ll be charged for the leads based on the price stated at the time of the purchase, and fees may differ from purchase to purchase at any time. We do our best to deliver leads between 24 – 72 hours but may take up to 10 days to deliver an order. However, in some cases, orders can experience slight delays owing to daily supply and demand market conditions on the Social media platforms we advertise on. In such a rare case, you will be notified and your leads will be delivered in a timely manner.

Purchases of leads are not cancellable, and there is no refund on fees paid. You’re not authorized to use any services that are not paid fully for.

You may reject a lead for a replacement within 48 hour of receipt if: (i) the lead has a bad phone number AND a bad address; (ii) the lead person over 85 or under 50; (iii) the lead is over a 60 mile radius of their given city or zip code; (iv) the lead is a duplicate of another lead we have offered for the same requested services that are generated by the same person (i.e., the leads includes the same name, phone number, address, and email address).

All replacement leads are delivered from the same territory as your order that requires replacements leads.