It can take up to 7 BUSINESS DAYS before any of your leads begin to come in. Please make a note of this before you order.

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ATTENTION: ALL Medicare Telemarketing LEADS ORDERS



Are you an independent medicare sales agent? Are you an agency owner who wants to help your agents out? Well you’ve come to the right place for that.
We have the perfect solution for you and your business with our 100% TCPA compliant DNC Litigator Scrubbed call back leads you can get yourself in front of all your competitors allowing you to boost your sales easily. 
We know compliance is the most important thing and make sure every lead is compliant and all of our clients have the peace of mind knowing they will never encounter a litigator and have to face lengthy court cases.  Each lead comes with a valid Jornaya ID Token or Trusted Form Token
All call back leads will be posted with the prospects details, the prospects phone number, full name, address (if needed) zip code, if they currently have medicare and if so which part, if they are on a Medicaid program currently or alternatively their average income and we also ask if they are the decision maker or not. All leads are posted with a date stamp and contain a TCPA disclaimer in them. 
In case there are any other additional questions you would like to be asked, feel free to contact our team through our email
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Learn more about our Medicare Insurance Telemarketing Call Back Leads and hear samples by listening to the video below. 

😎 With a little forward planning you can stagger your lead orders to never go dry.  It is clear we are the better choice.