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Are you a Medicare sales agent or agency owner? Struggling to increase your sales and exposure? We are happy to let you know, you’ve come to the right place, with our Medicare Warm Live Transfer’s, you can increase your sales and business exposure.

With us being a client centric company, we always put our client’s security and safety first by making sure all warm live transfer, are TCPA Compliant and they come with a valid Jornaya ID Token or Trusted Form Token, every warm live transfer will be posted along with the specific valid Jornaya ID Token or Trusted Form Token. 

All our Medicare warm live transfers, come with the security of a 120 second buffer, in which the sales agent can verify the prospect is an interested consumer and has been qualified.

Although we can’t guarantee how much your sales will increase by –  our current clients have seen a 40% increase minimum of their sales, we have a proven and tested process in place, that we have personalized for Medicare sales agents or agencies.

The process in a Medicare warm live transfer is, we speak to the prospect, verify all their information and make sure they are still interested in buying or enrolling in a Medicare plan, we then transfer the prospect to our agent, with the agent introducing the customer to the medicare sales agent and then leaving the conference call allowing the medicare sales agent to continue with the call.

We can post all warm live transfer customer information, directly to your own CRM, otherwise we can also post the information directly to a CRM shared between us and you. 

The prospect information that we verify during the call is, Full name, Contact Number, Address (If required), State, Zip Code, if they are currently involved in Medicare Parts A & B (If needed), Active Medicare parts A & B (If needed), Average income, we ask if they currently have Medicaid or not (If needed) and we make sure they are the decision maker.

Your specific Warm Live Transfer Campaign will be started within 2 business days. We recommend independent agents to target a specific state (full state) however if not then a minimum off 8 counties would be required. We have a minimum order of 50 warm live transfers.

**IMPORTANT** –  If you miss a transfer call we will leave the client information on your voice mail and the information will be posted in your lead sheet so you can call the prospect back.


Learn more about our Medicare Live Transfer Leads and hear samples by listening to the video below. COMING SOON

😎 With a little forward planning you can stagger your lead orders to never go dry.  It is clear we are the better choice.