Final Expense Telemarketing Leads

Due to Covid-10 lockdowns we are temporarily suspending the FE LIVE TRANSFER LEADS.  ALL OTHER LEADS WILL STILL REMAIN AVAILABLE.   We are working on setting up remote callers for live transfers but at this moment they are temporarily unavailable.

Final Expense Live Transfer Leads

Looking For Final Expense Live Transfer Leads?  You are in the right place!



Connect with dozens and dozens of high quality interested final expense insurance prospects each day by simply answering your phone during normal business hours of 8am-6pm CST.  These are perfect leads for final expense agents who work from home.  Sell over the phone or set the appointments and visit the clients……no need for a call back!  Work smarter not harder.


  1.  Our telephone marketing reps call prospects in your area codes or whole states of your choice by phone.


  1. Once an interested prospect is engaged and on the phone we get relevant information such as name, age, amount of coverage they are interested in etc.


  1. Our reps ask the prospect to hold while we connect them to a licensed agent in their area.


  1. When you answer your phone our marketing rep will introduce themselves and introduce the prospect on the phone by giving you their name and other info.


  1. We then disconnect from the call and transfer the prospect to you.


  1. All phone calls will be documented and you will be provided all leads generated and transferred once the order is complete.



You must be available Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm CST in order to take the phone call transfers.  If you miss a call our reps will leave the prospect information on your voicemail and you will be responsible for that lead.  Missed calls on your part are not refunded…this is your responsibility to answer your calls.