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An Informative final expense leads testimonial - Ellie in Utah

A final expense leads testimonial from Ellie in Utah.  Find out why Ellie buys final expense  leads from The Lead Jerk, how much annual premium she writes on 25 leads and why she recommends The Lead Jerk if you need Final Expense Leads.


Utah remains one of the toughest states in the country to get well qualified final expense leads in....but The Lead Jerk makes sure to take care of our agent clientele.

Visit for the best final expense telemarketing leads and final expense leads. Make sure to also listen to our final expense audio agent training.

Matt Lowery, the founder of The Lead Jerk presents informative information regarding final expense telemarketing leads and final expense leads.  These are the best final expense leads available for the money.  These final expense telemarketing leads are low cost and usually deliver a great return on investment.

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