Final Expense Telemarketing Leads


It can take up to 7 BUSINESS DAYS before any of your telemarketing leads begin to come in.  Please make a note of this before you order.

FaceBook leads normally start coming in within 48-72 hours after order is placed.



Emergency Update - Lower Lead Pricing

Due to the national situation with Covid-19 we are lowering our normal pricing to $9 for Final Expense Telemarketing Leads until further notice.  

ATTENTION:  We are now offering Statewide Facebook final expense leads for $15 per lead!  With Statewide leads we market to the entire state for you.  You will receive leads from the entire state area you pick.

Facebook final expense leads for County, City or Zip remain $22 per lead.  These leads are primarily if you want to target a certain geographic area.

Please click the pic below to purchase leads at these new lower prices for FE Telemarketing Leads and Facebook leads:


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Learn about working leads and what can help agents be more effective



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Final Expense Lead Testimonial - Matt M.

Final Expense Telemarketing Leads 

Testimonial from Matt M.

Final expense Lead Testimonial - Ellie

Final Expense Telemarketing Leads

Testimonial from Ellie in Utah

Final expense Lead Testimonial - Matt C.

Final Expense Telemarketing Leads

Testimonial from Matt C.

Final Expense Insurance Leads

We Are The Top Final Expense Lead Experts in the Country


Final Expense Insurance Leads

We are one of the fastest-growing companies providing exclusive final expense insurance leads. These are new and fresh final expense leads, pre-qualified, scrubbed for quality and fresh from interested insurance prospects 50 and older who have agreed to be contacted by a  final expense insurance agent. Our leads turn into big commissions for our final expense leads clients every day.

Final Expense Leads  

Final Expense Telemarketing Leads   Final Expense Lead Training

Listen To The Video Below To Hear How Agents Write $1000's In Commissions With Our Insurance Leads




By the way, wanted to give you a success story.  Brand new agent of mine was in her second day in the field yesterday and she wrote a little over $4200 AP. Looking forward to doing business with you again.

Chad S.


I wrote over $8,000 in AP from my first 50 leads from you.  Still following up and setting appointments off the list of leads.  This has encouraged me to order more leads to increase my activity.  Thank you for helping those of us out in the trenches.

Chris S.


This is Lloyd S.  I just wanted to say that these leads are great quality.  They were worth the wait and you definitely have a repeat customer.  Thank You.

Lloyd S.


Hi, I went out with my leads yesterday and sold 2 good sized policies on my second stop.  Very blessed.  I have been setting appointments as well.  People seem to be more willing to communicate with these leads.  I will buy again and share the news with others.

Crystal N.


Your leads and appointment setting script are really good.  Set 5 appointments tonight within an hour.

Chuck H.


Thanks for the decent quality of your leads.  They are light years ahead of ***** leads.  Won't be ordering those anymore!

Michael K.


You guys rock!

Jon P.


Great leads Matt.  I don't think an agent could ask for anything more from a telemarketer lead.

Cody S.


Hey Matt.  I like these leads so far, I have written some business.  I would like them to keep coming in - would it be okay if I place another order this week?  Thanks.

Zack W.


These are decent leads bro.

Ryan B.


Hey Matt, thanks for the extra lead.  These leads worked out very well!  All the best.

Dylan U.


Amazing leads.  So happy with them.

Scott L.

**All testimonials are available for review and are filed in our office.**

Final Expense telemarketing leads pricing

Exclusive Final Expense Telemarketing Lead Pricing

Exclusive Final Expense FaceBook Lead Pricing

Welcome to The Lead Jerk!!

The Best Final Expense Lead Company In The Nation.


1. Each lead is exclusive to each agent - NO RESELLING!


2. Begin receiving your leads usually within 7 business days.


3. Most lead orders completed in 10 business days for fast turnaround.


4. Only $9.00 per lead for final expense telemarketing leads with ages 62-85.  Facebook Final Expense Leads $15-$22 depending on if you want local or statewide leads.  


5.  All leads include detailed call information below as well as a recording of the call.  This gives you more options as a final expense agent:

**Name, address, phone number, best time to call back, beneficiary, amount of insurance they are interested in, favorite color or hobby as a security question and the use of the agents' first name to let the lead know they will be receiving a call from that local agent in their area.**


6. Professionally scrubbed leads to solidify you only spend time with quality prospects.


7.  Easy credit and replacement policy.


8.  DNC and TCPA scrubbed for your protection.


9.  Free lead portal to help you stay organized.


10.  Built by a successful Final Expense agent who understands what you need.

We look forward to serving you.



Matt C. Lowery


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Terms of Service Disclosure

Terms of Service Disclosure:
The Lead Jerk does not estimate or guarantee specific sales volume resulting from the agent’s use of  The Lead Jerk leads. Results will vary based upon such things as the area code(s) and/or counties selected by the agent, the true interest of those requesting information and the agent’s sales ability. The Lead Jerk does not guarantee all leads will originate in the territory requested.  This list is not exhaustive and, therefore, all purchases of  The Lead Jerk Leads are accepted by the agent(s) as final and without refund. Leads outside a requested area but within driving distance are not replaceable. We replace leads that are under the age of 50 and over the age of 85. All leads are exclusive and never shared with another agent. Your purchase validates this agreement.


Lead Replacement Policy:

*  Leads over the age of 85

*  Non English speaking

*  Duplicate Leads generated within 60 days of call list data reset

*  All lead credit / replacement requests must be submitted within 72 hours of receiving the lead - No exceptions



In order to make our leads exclusive we put all of our leads on our internal do not call list before we send them to you. 


It is our position that every 60 days we must flush our internal Do Not Call List so that other customers who may order have an equal opportunity at producing leads.




The best thing to do is to come up with multiple calling areas and rotate them.

In doing this you will be able to produce leads quicker and avoid unwanted duplicate responses. Unfortunately, there are two types of people..... those that respond to telemarketing and those who don't. If you call a person who does respond chances are they will respond again if called again.




PLEASE NOTE THE CALL LIST RESET DATES BELOW and make sure you change your calling area so that you avoid getting duplicates as it will be just like calling an area for the first time.


These duplicates (if any) will not be replaced or refunded.


Here is the schedule for flushing our internal no call list.

Call List Data Reset Dates

January 1st

March 1st

May 1st

July 1st

September 1st

November 1st